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Key Marketing Strategies is a boutique online marketing firm based in Clearwater, Florida.  We are best known for our attention to detail and personal level of service. And, we get quantifiable results.

Our Story

Key Marketing Strategies
When we created Key Marketing Strategies, one of our goals was to do things differently. Just like we need to know all about your company in order to best market it, so we want to be transparent and allow you to know as much as possible about the marketing actions we take, so that you can not only understand what we’re doing, but also participate to help your business grow.

Our Mission

We know that effective marketing takes repetition. It takes correct messaging and it takes testing and refining and optimizing a campaign and its actions to improve its results. That’s why we always aim to be extremely personal, always available to the point where we become an extension of your company, helping you grow and, you guessed it, unlock success.

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