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How often do I need to update my website?

Continuing to add valuable content to your website on a regular basis will not only help your customers understand your products better, it will also help them find your website. By continuing to post new content, search engines like Google will recognize your website as more up-to-date and will be more likely to display your website higher in the search result rankings.

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking uses online tools and social media to locate a type of person, be it an age bracket, a person holding a specific job or position, C-level executives in a specific type of company, and so on. Then studying digital analytics and user insights based on the online and digital habits and patterns of whatever pools of people and then working ways and delivery methods of targeting that exact target audience.

Read more about Growth Hacking here.

How do I increase my SEO ranking?
First things first, KEYWORDS.

As millions if not billions of searches get conducted in Google every single day, records are created on what words and phrases get searched for an how often.

When trying to improve your SEO, it’s important to know what words within and related to your business, industry, services or products get searched for and how often. You can read more in our How to Increase Your SEO article.

What is Website Optimization?
There are many actions which need to be taken when it comes to search engine optimization. Unfortunately, most websites do not pass the basic requirements for SEO giving them no chance to rank well in the most popular search engines.
Therefore, we have created a one-time SEO setup service to handle the exact points that would prevent your website from ranking well, including an analysis and report of those points. Contact us for more information about website optimization.
What should my minimum Facebook or Google ad spend be?
How much your minimum ad spend should be varies by industry. To get effective results from your ad campaign, it is important that your ad spend is aggressive enough to go up against what the competition is spending on online ads. We typically recommend a minimum ad spend $1,000. In some more competitive industries this amount may be higher.

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