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Our Process

What We Believe In

When it comes to building a new website for a small business or start up, that last thing you wants is a long-drawn-out and complicated web design process. At least, we’re not big fans of it. On the flip side, we’re also not fans of the cheap-and-fast method, the method that leaves you hanging with a boxy, templated looking website.

We believe that your website should be as unique as your business, it should look great, and function well. It should be fast, look great on mobile, be easy to navigate, and it should be a stellar representation of your business online. A good website will help visitors find information they need, answer their questions, and most importantly, it helps visitors into customers.

We also believe that, building your new website is not complicated, it doesn’t take forever, and it should not cost a arm and a leg. So we set out to to develop that perfect balance of “simple process” and “amazing website!” And guess what, we found it!

We developed our web design process to make web design simple and pleasant. And by the end, with our experience and creative skill, we work with you to bring your business to life online, whithout complications. Our simple process includes all the steps to build a great-looking and personalized website, with no added time and no massive price tag.

So how do we do it?

Our “Secret” Ingredients

We’re easy to to talk to

We’re easy to reach, easy to talk to, and friendly to work with. Kiss goodbye to those web design companies who answer their emails once a week, or are impossible to reach by phone. We’re here and we love to talk to you, learn about your business, understand your goals, listen to your feedback, and work with you to grow your business.

We don’t use a go-between

Most web design agencies for small businesses, usually have a customer facing side and a development side. That means that, in most cases, the person you’re speaking to is not the person designing your website.
We’ve found this method adds time, increases costs, and leads to a lot of misinterpretation, kinda like playing telephone. At Key Marketing Strategies, we do our web design and development in house, and the person you speak to is the person who builds your website. There’s never a go between.

Focus on great design

Your website should be as unique as your business and it should look awesome. Our focus on design start with understanding what you do, your businesses goals, your customers, and what sets your business apart. We then apply our creative powers to design a great-looking website that will bring your business to life online.
We incorporate your feedback at every step of the design process, and we’re not done until you’re completely happy with the way your website looks.

No big mumbo-jumbo

If you’ve ever gotten the idea that web design is complicated and highly technical, that’s because someone made you think it was. Don’t get me wrong, it does require creative and technical skill, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated and impossible to understand.
We know you’re not a web designer so we steer away from using large technical mambo-jumbo and we keep things transparent and easy to understand.
We can’t tell you how often we hear “thank you for explaining that to me like that!”.

We prioritize a growing relationship

To keep it simple, we want to grow with you. From our first conversation with you, our goal is to build a strong relationship with you and work with you to help your business grow online. That’s why we do our best to fit within budgets and even throw in some extra here and there. That’s also why we offer fully manage website hosting and website support services, to help you take care of your new amazing website after we build it.
That’s also why we provide SEO and advertising services, to help get yur business seen and heard. So yep, you can depend on us for years to come!

We’re constantly improving

Nope, we’re not stuck in our ways, dusty, or out-dated. No matter how good and amazing we are, we know that we can only achieve growth by constantly improving ourselves and our company.
The better we are at what we do, the better your website will be. That’s why we constantly stay up to date within our own industry, routinely look for better ways to do things, and constantly keeping up with modern web design trends.

The Five Essential Parts of Your New Websites

Part of keeping our web design process simple and streamlined is focusing on the five essential parts of any website. No mater how well designed and fancy a website is, it requires at least five essential parts to be effective:

A website must be well designed and properly represent a businesses brand.

A website must be easy to navigate, making it easy for viewers to find what they are looking for.
A website must be informative and most answer any potential questions a customer may have.
A website must set you apart from other similar businesses and must speak to your target customer.
A website must make it easy for a potential customer to buy products, schedule services, contact you.

So, What Can You Expect When Getting Started?

How Our Webdesign Process Works

Our website design and build process is straightforward. It can be summed up in a few basic steps.


The first phase is Discovery. Before we begin to build a website, we first meet with you to discuss the design details.
Our websites project manager will have a short call with you to review the project scope, review your current website and branding, and discuss any special functionality your new website may require.

Homepage Design

The second phase is Homepage Design. Once we have a clear understanding of your design wants and needs, we will craft a new homepage based on your current branding.

2a. Logo Design

We may be completely re-branding in this step, in which case we will first have a new logo professionally designed and delivered to you as a complete package. Then we will return to Phase 1) Discovery, and Phase 2) Homepage design.


Website Review

The third phase is Website Review.

At this point, we will ask you for any additional content for your new website, if not already provided. We will then continue building out all pages.

Once we have everything put together, we will send you a link to review the entire website, where you can click through all the pages and get familiar with the full user experience.

If any tweaks are needed to design or functionality, we will get a list from you and send it back to you once all changes are completed.



The final phase is to launch your new website!

After the website is approved and ready to go online, we collect any final payment due for the website, as well as optional enrollment onto one of our web hosting services.

Launching the website is as simple as connecting your domain name to the website. We offer assistance with connecting your domain name, if needed. Or, if you would rather connect it yourself, we can provide you, or your IT contact, the information you will need from our side, to put it online.

Now it’s time to celebrate and announce the launch of your new website!