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Develop a unique brand


What this service includes

1. Tailor made logo design by a professional designer with design notes

2. Color scheme that best communicates company industry, product/services

3. Three taglines that relate to the company logo, business, products/services and mission

What to expect

1. Several different options of a professionally designed logo with two rounds of changes.

2. A color scheme with color codes and explanation as to why each color was chosen with 2 rounds of changes. These colors will be integrated into the logo.

3. Three creative taglines that can be used in marketing

Consumer Insights

Know your customer by

listening to them

What this service includes

1. Internet based research to locate target audience

2. Survey conducted to target audience to locate their needs

3. Keyword research to locate the most effective keywords to use in marketing

4. Set up with Google Analytics to track online customer interaction

What to expect

1. Concrete information based on online research as to who your target audience is.

2. Usable survey results and tabulation/presentation as to what your target audience needs or what they are searching for when they look for your products/services

3. A list of 10 researched keywords to use in marketing.

4. Set up and integration with Google Analytics that will track all visits to your website.

Google & Facebook Ads

Use Google and Facebook’s massive reach to grow your business

What this service includes

1. Initial setup of Google Ads and Facebook Ads account

2. Integration or needed tracking codes with your website

3. Google Ads and Facebook Ad creation including display ads and remarketing ads.

4. Ad testing to locate most effective ads.

5. Regular monitoring of and effective management of ads to zone in on target audience and reduce unwanted traffic

6. Monthly reporting of metrics and analytics

What to expect

1. Most efficient use of your online ad budget

2. Significant increase in targeted and relevant visits to your website

3. A decrease of irrelevant visits to your website that use up your ad budget

4. Increased leads or sales

5. Monthly reporting of useful metrics and analytics that are easy to understand.

6. A completely personal experience and a professional ad manager that you can work with 24/7.

Search Engine Optimization

Use our techniques to soar to the top of the most popular search engine rankings

What this service includes

1. Website content optimization based on researched keywords for your industry

2. A website speed test and a list of points that are slowing down your website’s load time that your developer can assist you to fix.

3. A full website analysis and consultation to plan and strategize the key points to increase your websites SEO.

4. Monthly backlinking of your website that helps increase your website’s overall position within search engines.

5. Assistance to optimize and post blogs you write.

What to expect

1. Improvement in your overall search engine standings

2. Improved standings in the search engines for targeted keywords, helping driving the correct people to your website through organic results.

3. More visits to your website

4. Optimized website content to align with the targeted and surveyed keywords for your industry

5. A full analysis and consultation on your websites speed, content and development and a list of points to strategically help you increase overall search engine results.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Learn our incredibly effective method to market your local business online

What this service includes

1. Setup of Google My Business

2. Monthly optimization and maintenance of your Google My Business

3. A local listing service that posts your business on over 60 local listing platforms.

What to expect

1. Your business showing up in Google when people search for a local listing

2. A professional and well maintained Google My Business account

3. An up to date description of your business on over 60 online local listing services.

Social Media Management

Expand your influence further by taking full advantage of social media platforms

What this service includes

1. Create brand awareness through creative social media management and content creation

2. Client retention through smart and creative email marketing campaigns

3. Effective lead generation to your list of prospective customers through managed email marketing strategies 

Our Advantages


Cost Efficiency

Industry knowledge

Attention to detail

Quick response time

Individual attention

Certified Marketing Agents

Personalized service


Clear Communication

More consumer insights

Quantifiable results

Our Approach

We are a boutique marketing firm, which means we are result driven and able to dedicate time to maximizing your business.
We use surveys and analytics tools to provide usable insights into consumers’ needs, activities and analytics.
We believe in providing completely understandable metrics, and keeping you in the know on what results you are getting.

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