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Why hire an online marketing agency?

Should I do some kind of online marketing, and if so what and how and will it be effective? I opened a Google My Business account but will people find me? How much money should I put into Google or Facebook advertising, and will it work? Perhaps I should improve my website but it doesn’t seem to be getting much traffic anyway. These and many more are all questions most small and medium size business ask themselves. Its a question that often sits silently in the heads of business owners or in the back of their minds. All while they work hard to keep up with or keep business going. We all know that some kind of promotion, advertising or marketing is needed. But we don’t all know how to do it online. So we enter the question: Should I hire an online marketing agency? The short answer. YES. Opening a new business isn’t always easy. Managing a small to medium size business can be a trick and time consuming to say the least. Most people who open a business open it because it was something they liked doing or something they wanted to do, or it was something they knew how to do or it was something they saw opportunity in. Most small to medium size business didn’t open a business because they were experts in online marketing. Up to the mid 1990’s and even into the early 2000’s, business was different because we didn’t have monstrous online platforms such as Google, Amazon, E-Bay and so on. The internet has been a major game changer for all companies to the point that no company can succeed without good internet presence. Now-a-days these massive online platforms produce billions of searches per day and offer clients with enough options to keep them browsing for hours to find what they want at the price they want. But there is a catch. A majority of online users will only browse, shop and view what’s they see or rather what’s put in front of their face. I know, putting it like that is kind of harsh. But honestly, when’s the last time you searched through the listings on page 25 of of your Google search results? Or when’s the last time you went onto Amazon looking for something, saw many options but clicked on the one that “Amazon Choice”. The truth is that with so many options, viewers stop searching once they’ve found what they are looking for. Could your service or product be what they are looking for? YES. Do you know how to ensure they find it when they search through these massive platforms where thousands if not millions of similar business are competing for their attention? That’s why you hire an online marketing agency.