Why WordPress?

The advantage of WordPress is that you can make a website without needing to learn code. Also, because it is an open-source platform, there are thousands of programmers writing code for WordPress every day, which expands the possibilities of what you can do with your website. Those extensions of code are called “plug-ins”. By simply installing a WordPress plug-in, you can greatly expand the functionality of your website with just one or two clicks.

Additionally, there are thousands and thousands of WordPress ‘themes” available which you can easily install to completely change the look of your website.

For the above and other reasons, WordPress is the most popular website platform, powering over 34% of all websites on the Internet. Due to its popularity, there is a lot of functionality available and there is really no limit to what you can do with your website on WordPress.

Now that you understand a bit about WordPress, you may see why it is the number one choice for businesses online.


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Written by Jen Marshall

October 31, 2019

Watch this video and if you have any doubts about answering all three questions confidently, send me a message here and I will do my best to answer your questions, or even set up a free consultation with you regarding your current marketing strategy and how to improve it.

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