Growth Hacking: New Age Digital Marketing

If you trying to figure out what growth hacking is, you’re not the only one.

If you’re trying to see if it’s something that would be useful to your business the quick answer is, ABSOLUTELY.

Growth hacking is what I would like to call THE NEW AGE OF DIGITAL MARKETING.

If in a snap shot you could see the evolution of marketing, from it’s barter system origins way back when, through the turn of the nineteenth century and up into the fifties, when a gallon of milk was three times more expensive than gas, through Audi’s brilliant fox ads, to Coca-Cola’s game changing strategies by marketing master mind Sergio Zyman, and fast forward to the birth of the internet in the early nineties and more modernly the online battles for whose got the best website and who can drive in more traffic through Google to even more recently whose got the best digital reach and the most eye-catching social media and brand awareness campaigns.

Yup. We’ve come a long way and just like the famous snow-ball-effect, we’re only moving forward faster and faster. As each new thing starts get results it quickly gets saturated, faster then it’s predecessor until someone comes up with the next bright idea that takes the digital world by storm.

Welcome to growth hacking.

I know. I know… Keeping up with the changes when you’ve barely got a grip on the previous new and brilliant digital marketing tool can sometimes be difficult. Tell me about it.

But just like at some point you’re going to have to upgrade to a new computer or give in to the latest iPhone or android, well let’s just say why not get ahead now and hire a growth hacker.

But before you hire anyone to do anything, let’s take a minute to discuss growth hacking, it’s basic concepts and also some points to keep in mind when getting into growth hacking or hiring someone to do it for you. Read the next post.


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Written by admin

June 25, 2019

Watch this video and if you have any doubts about answering all three questions confidently, send me a message here and I will do my best to answer your questions, or even set up a free consultation with you regarding your current marketing strategy and how to improve it.

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