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Having a lot of pages and content about a particular service or product or a series or services or products is good but what else?

As Google is essentially a computer it has very specific things it looks for when deciding the relevance of a website. One of those is how often is that website updated or added to.

If a website was built 10 years ago and never touched since, while Google will still consider that site in it’s search results chances are maybe that website is connected to a company that’s no longer in business.

On the other hand, if you’re regular adding relevant content to your website. Then Google sees the website is active and alive, that there is regular activity and so that plays a part in the “score” so to speak, that your website gets when Google is trying to determine which of the millions of websites is most relevant to the search being conducted.

Adding a page or a blog once a month is enough of a heart beat to let Google know you’re alive and kicking. Adding a new page or blog once a week is ideal.

Now that we’ve seen that good, creative and constant content is good for SEO, let’s see what other websites in a similar business to yours have to do with the bigger picture. Read the next post.