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What In The World Is A Back Link Anyway?

Chances are that if you’re not familiar with SEO you’ve not heard of a back link.

A back link is another key factor in the SEO game and helping your website show up ahead of others when someone searches Google for a product or services you offer.

Here is a good non-internet related example of the theory behind back linking. A doctor’s office.

If you’re a doctor that specializes in any specific area you will most likely get most of your business from other doctors that send you business and “refer” patients to you. Or maybe the family of the patient or a friend referred them. The point being, you get business because there are people pointing in your direction.

While the quality of your work plays into the picture too, you could be the best and most specialized doctor in some particular field and still not get many patients.

Have you ever heard of someone traveling across America or to another country just to get a specific treatment. That’s because in one way or another they were referred.

So it is with a website. The more websites pointing to your website:

  1. The more traffic your going to get and
  2. The more Google is going to consider you are relevant to a search being conducted for one of your services or products.

That’s back linking. It’s literally another website either mentioning your website or a service, product or just anything related to your industry, product or service and that word, words or phrase LINKING to your website.

LINKING is the key. It’s not enough for another website to mention you or your name or your products or services. The words on that page need to be LINKED to your website.

Chances are, unless you are an expert digital marketer, you don’t have a system of back linking on a regular basis, which is why it’s important to hire an agency.

But there is something you CAN DO to start getting back links. Read the next post