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The title of this article is kind of exaggerated but what the heck.

In an earlier article we covered the importance of back linking and how that helps your SEO. In that same article we covered that unless you’re fully immersed into SEO, you most likely aren’t going to be getting back links on a monthly basis.

Digital marketing agencies, like Key Marketing Strategies, have services where they work to get relevant websites linking back to yours on a regular basis and so get you those ever so important “back links”.

But there is another thing you can do which goes a long way, we call it:


Just like we covered the important of blogs. A guest post is essentially getting your blog or blogs posted on someone else’s website. Generally we’re assuming that other website is in a similar industry to yours or has some relevance.

And, just like a back link, somewhere in that blog you would need to ensure that there is a word, words or phrase that physically links back to your website, even if it’s in the “written by_____”.

By reaching out to similar companies or business who have a blog and asking them to post one of your blogs, you can start building guest posts which go a long way for your SEO.

SEO is after all an investment. It takes doing the same things, the key actions, over and over and it takes time and consistency. It is an absolutely vital and important tool if you want to grow your internet based business leads and sales.

But how about instant results? Google also offers a way to get you instant results. Read the next post on how to get instant SEO results.


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Written by admin

June 17, 2019

Watch this video and if you have any doubts about answering all three questions confidently, send me a message here and I will do my best to answer your questions, or even set up a free consultation with you regarding your current marketing strategy and how to improve it.

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