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Instant SEO results!

As much as I would love to tell you that Key Marketing Strategies can get you immediate SEO results, I can’t. That’s kind of part of the whole “we’re doing things different” aspect of our company.

Beware of any marketing company that tells you they can get you “instant” SEO results because most likely they can’t. If they can they might end up doing so in such a way that breaks the rules and might get your sight penalized (also called “black hat SEO”).

How long does it takes to see results in an SEO campaign?

The answers all depends on your business or industry, how many other people are in that same business or industry, if there are some huge companies in that same industry and, as mentioned in previous articles, the keywords or phrase you decide to work on and how much search traffic they get, how many websites talk about those keywords or phrases and so on.

Another factor is how specialized your specific services or products are within that industry.

If you’re a car mechanic that only specializes in vintage mustangs, then it can be pretty easy to get your showing up when someone needs to buy or repair a vintage mustang in your area.

If you’re a travel agency, it will be very difficult to get your ranking for “cheap flights”. Where you are up against huge companies, it’s always best to figure out what you do better then them, what you specialize in and then rank for keywords or phrases related to that.

In ALL CASES you can rank on Google’s number one page. Like any marketing strategy, it does take planning, work, repetition and refinement.

I worked for a company that took more than six years to rank on Google’s first page. But once they got there, they started getting more than 15,000 website visits every single week and close to 100 people emailing or calling them every single week for their services, just by being on Google’s top search results.

It can take time. But it pays off.

At Key Marketing Strategies, in most cases we can show results within months. Here are some key things that help get those results.