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The Key Components of SEO

Now that we’ve covered the basics of SEO, keywords and that you don’t get to Google’s #1 spot in a matter of days, lets discuss some of the key factors that help your SEO.

To start with we’ll cover WEBSITE CONTENT.

Believe it or not a lot of websites that you see on Google’s first page is because they have a LOT of content that relates to the search being conducted. And by content I mean WORDS & TEXT.

Outside of a video’s title, Google cannot scan what that video talks about. That’s why most videos on YouTube and other streaming channels have tags and descriptions. And while there is a way to tell Google what a picture is about (which I cover later) the main thing that Google uses to determine if a website is relevant to a search is the WORDS and TEXT on the website.

So when we talk about website content on your website and SEO there are two main and luckily important factors:

  1. Good content
  2. A LOT of it

Lets view a simple example. Let’s go back to the hot dog concept. If your selling hot dogs, your website would obviously have a page or two about hot dogs.

When someone searches for hot dogs Google is going to try and bring up the websites they think are most relevant to that search. One of the key factors here is content.

On an extreme end, if your website doesn’t talk about hot dogs, it’s never going to come up. But we assume that if you’re selling hots dogs, your site talks about it.

But now how many websites talk about hot dogs. So we enter the important of 1. Good content and 2. A LOT of it.

If your website has 2 pages that talk about hot dogs and another website has 50. The one with 50 is going to show up first.

That is why a lot of people add blogs to their website. Adding articles and news about the subject of their business they are adding content to their website about THAT service or product.

Now you might think that there are only so many ways to talk about hot dogs (or your business) but that’s where the third and important point comes in: Be creative.

The more good and creative content is on your website the more you’re going to show up for THAT.

As a rule of thumb 300 words on a page is fair amount to have about something. 500 is better. 1000 can be too much and you’re better of splitting it into two or three pages.

Adding new pages and blogs with new relevant content that is good and creative is one of the key factors. Here’s another.