The Last Component Of SEO

I happen to be a foodie and while I love finding that amazing whole in the wall restaurant, I can usually judge a restaurant by how many people eat there. If it’s empty, then I hope I got lucky. If it’s packed, then I feel pretty safe that it’s doing something right and chances are the food will be good.

So let’s look at one of the last key factors in SEO.


Is your website getting traffic and how much?

If a website is getting a lot of traffic then Google uses that as a plus when people are searching for a product or services that website offers.

But now you get the website and the egg theory. Which one came first?

If you’re website doesn’t get much traffic, then how can you increase it in such a way that Google will consider it’s amount of traffic as a way to rank it in relevance over other similar sites?

And that’s where marketing campaign enters in. While there are many single actions you can do to help your online leads or sales, a campaign is a series of different marketing actions all aligned towards a final end goal.

Paid Ads or Facebook Ads is a good way to get immediate traffic to your website while – at the same time – you run SEO actions to help get your website built up and more and more prominent.

There are many combination of things you can do that together will increase your online presence. Here are some good ideas: Read the next post.


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Written by admin

June 17, 2019

Watch this video and if you have any doubts about answering all three questions confidently, send me a message here and I will do my best to answer your questions, or even set up a free consultation with you regarding your current marketing strategy and how to improve it.

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