The One-Way Ticket To Google Front Page.

If your starting up a new business or you want to get a surge of traffic through your website then Paid Advertising through Google is your best bet.


If you’re not familiar with how to do it, then please hire someone who knows how to get results.

In any Google search you will see that the first 4-5 listings and the last 4-5 listings on any page are advertisements. You can see this because they have “AD” in front of them.

That means those companies pay Google for Google to place their ads at the top positions for relevant searches.

The system that manages this is called Google Ads (previously called Ad Words). It’s also commonly referred to as “PPC”, pay per click, because while your ads can show on top of Google’s search results you only actually pay Google when you ad is clicked on.

While this helps to ensure you only pay when people land on your website, it also has a downfall.

A mismanaged campaign can get your ads clicked on but they may not necessarily be the most relevant people for your products or services.

Without getting into endless details of how to manage a Google Ad campaign, a well managed Google Ad campaign works to create smart ads for your key services or products or a specific service or product you want to focus on and then regularly reviews the performance of those ads to improve them.

Part of that includes analyzing what people are searching for when the ad displays and targeting in on the exact audience you want to be landing on your ads.

Now how does this tie in with SEO and other key digital marketing actions? Read the next post, the Last Component of SEO.


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Written by admin

June 17, 2019

Watch this video and if you have any doubts about answering all three questions confidently, send me a message here and I will do my best to answer your questions, or even set up a free consultation with you regarding your current marketing strategy and how to improve it.

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