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In a previous article I explained the basic idea on what keywords are and how they relate to SEO. Getting keywords decided on and finalized is the first and most fundamental part of SEO. But once this is complete, what next?


What is it?

“Optimize” is a big word. It leaves room for a lot of different possibilities so let’s re-word this to better relate to SEO.


Once you’ve got your keywords finalized, the next thing that needs to be done is ensuring your website talks the talk, meaning it contains those keywords.

There are two aspects of site optimization, both are important:

  1. The actual website content of the website. By that I mean the actual words on the website pages, not video or images. Your website needs to contain those keywords or phrases in order for Google to consider it relevant. And the amount of times that a website says those specific keywords or phrases, the more “relevant” it becomes when that keyword or phrase is search for. Seems like rocket science right? Editing your website content so that it says those keywords or phrases is the first step of website optimization. This may even mean creating new pages that have that content.
  2. In addition to what viewers see, when any page, blog and even images is created and added to your website. There is a way to tell Google (or any search engine) a summary of what that page, blog or image is about and what keywords its trying to be relevant for. This goes a long way in improving SEO. Most modern website platforms have this capability built into them. If you are not familiar with going into the back end of administrative end of your website and editing things, this is something any decent web development company knows how to do, or just ask us at Key Marketing Strategies.

To recap, the first and most important place to start when working on SEO is to work out the right keywords to try and show up for. After that site optimization.

Will this mean you will all of a sudden start appearing on Google’s first page? It might. It depends on how cut throat your industry is. It’s safe to say that there are more actions you would take. Read the next post.